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Principal Message

Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place- that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life" A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Most important role of the school is to shape the overall personality of child. Infact education is an effort of senior people to transfer their knowledge to the younger members of society. Thus a school plays vital role in integration an individual with his society and in maintaining the perpetuation of culture. Modern education is open and liberal. It consists of freedom, equality, humanism and denial of faith in orthodoxy and superstitions It is rationalistic and in tune with the need of the present day society.

From very young age we need to prepare students as contributors to the society and develop that sprit. This process needs to begin at school. School are social institutions providing all essential knowledge to the students. Due to continuous changes in the society schools are expected to establish a balance between them selves and students' life. Teachers need to change from not just educators but digital educators. Teachers working together with students and parents will have a profound impact on the students and help them develop skills for life A school's aim is to promote skill development and concept of "Clean India" through education. Education enables a child to express and explore his/her imagination, talent and love of art developed through colors and to enrich fluency in writings and vocabulary building for creative writing .

SGRR Education Mission in committed to impart quality education to the students belonging to all the classes of society SGRR P.S Vasant Vihar carriers the ideals and goal set by its great founder . The school has made a mark in the field of education and provides quality education with an overall development of a child's personality. "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the life long attempt to acquire it"

I take the opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to honorable Shri Maharaj Ji for his trust, Support and encouragement. He has become a symbol of noble and kind work due to his continuous effort to spread health and educational activities. We also abide by his vision and ideas. The seed which was swan by honorable Shri Indresh Charan Dass Ji. Maharaj has become a lofty tree spreading its branches in many direction under the guidance and patronage of his most appropriate successor Honorable Shri Devendra Das ji Maharaj.

Honorable Shri Devendra Dass Ji Maharaj always inspires us to improve and to explore new idea for the success of SGRR Education Mission. We always look forward to your guidance and support. We feel privileged to work under the brilliant supervision and guidance of a magnamous personality with a broad vision like you.

On behalf of the entire SGRR Vasant Vihar family I extend my hearties thanks to the President and members of “Doon Vally Officer cooperative Housing Society” Vasant Vihar for their support and cooperation.

It's my immense pleasure to express my special thanks Shri H P Bhatt Signatory Authority of the SGRR Education Mission for his guidance and valuable advice whenever it needed Highly educated and well versed E.O.s Shri R.P.Dobhal, Shri V M Thapliyal, Shri S.H.Sharma and all the other dignitaries of SGRR e ducation Mission always provide us their readily available support and guidance .It extend my sincere thanks to them.

I owe a very special thanks to Mr Pramod Rawat Senior Coordinator SGRR Public School Vasant Vihar Senior School, Mrs Jagrati Nawani, Principal SGRR Public School Vasant Vihar Middle Branch. Mrs Mitush Kapoor, Principal SGRR Vasant Vihar Primary branch for their support and cooperation.

My heart felt thanks to entire team of SGRR Public School Vasant Vihar family for their hard work dedication sincerity and heartiest support. Thank you every and for every thing. More attractive and inspiring stories on great personalities literature, Science and various other aspects published in this issue will enlighten your imagination about SGRR Public School Vasant Vihar. Have an enriching experience I look forward to your valuable suggestion.

Human behavior flows from three main services, desire, emotion and knowledge –Plato